Are Gel Manicures Safe?

Q&A: Are Gels Safe?

There have been a lot of concerns in regards to the safety of gel products. We are here to address these issues and answer questions so that the public is properly informed and educated about the application, removal and products used during a gel-polish manicure.

1. Do UV lamps increase the risks of cancer?

Do UV lamps increase the risks of cancer? According to new studies done and recently released by The Journal of Investigative Dermatology, UV nail lamps don’t appear to cause cancer. In case your salon is still using a UV light, this is good news for those who have concerns about them. Gelish has always been in the forefront of using and promoting LED technology because of these concerns, and introduced the 18G LED light which utilizes LED technology and is safe for salon use. If you’re still concerned about the safety of UV lamps, recommend to your salon that they invest in an LED light. They will thank you in the long run. Find complete coverage of the latest nail lamp studies here:

2. I have concerns about chemicals used during the removal process. I heard that acetone is damaging to the nail.

Gelish Artificial Nail Remover was formulated with vitamins to remove gel-polish and artificial nail enhancements safely and effectively (when used as instructed), without drying out the skin or the nail plate. If your salon is still using pure acetone, make a suggestion that there are other products available in the market that will help prevent damage to the nail.

3. Will the removal process (i.e. scraping gel-polish off) cause infection and allergic reactions?

No, not if your salon is properly removing your manicure. Sharp jabbing motions with metal tools is improper technique. This could damage both your nail bed and the cuticle area, making you prone to infection. If your nail technician is doing this, ask them to immediately stop. Here at Gelish, we highly recommend soaking the fingers for the correct amount of time (15 minutes) and using an orangewood stick to gently remove any of the remaining gel, while being careful not to press into the nail. This will drastically reduce any damage caused to the nail. For more information on proper gel polish removal, please watch our Gelish removal video:

Before sitting down and receiving a gel-manicure, take a walk inside the salon and be cognizant of the products and techniques that the nail technicians are using. Ask them questions such as: “What kind of lamp do you use for gel manicures?” and “Do you use pure acetone to remove gel manicures?” If you notice that they are using UV lights to apply gel-manicures and metal tools with pure acetone for removal, leave the salon. Here at Gelish, we educate and promote with proper steps and tools for application, removal and maintenance that will help you sustain a set of healthy nails. Use the salon locator on our website to find an official Gelish Salon in your area: If you have any more questions, please contact us here: .