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All About the Glow

All About the Glow

Bust-out your sunglasses and brace yourself for our brightest collection, yet! This summer, bask in the sun with Gelish All About the Glow Collection, featuring colors so bright, they will glow you away.

6 Colors:

  • 1559 I'm Brighter Than You - Neon Coral
    I'm Brighter Than You
  • 1558 Make You Blink Pink - Neon Light Pink
    Make You Blink Pink
  • 1554 Sometimes A Girls Gotta Glow - Neon Lime Green
    Sometimes A Girls Gotta Glow
  • 1555 Radiance Is My Middle Name - Neon Teal
    Radiance Is My Middle Name
  • 1556 You Glare, I Glow - Neon Purple
    You Glare, I Glow
  • 1557 Brights Have More Fun - Neon Dark Pink
    Brights Have More Fun

The Video:

All About The Glow Summer Collection 2013