Fall 2013


Harmony phD Program

The philosophy at Hand & Nail Harmony is that being a nail technician is not just a job, it is a vocation that has huge possibilities and the potential to be a very satisfying career, both professionally and financially! We have constructed our phD Education Program to develop, support, and help nail technicians achieve their individual goals, at all levels, across the globe.

Embarking on the Harmony Educational Journey and joining our phD Program begins with our 101 Courses - these are our entry level classes that are designed to get the student up and ready to start building your future as a successful nail technician.

This can be followed by taking part in our phD Courses that build and technically advance each student in your skills to become the best nail technician you can be.

Once a nail technician has successfully completed our phD Education Program, you will be invited to complete our online written evaluation and earn the prestigious "PHILOSOPHY OF HARMONY DOCTORATE Nail Artist Certificate" to proudly display as a symbol of genuine personal achievement. To receive this certificate is a true sign of dedication and a passion for being the best that you can be in the nail industry.

We recognize that any individual who has achieved this goal has huge potential and could be ready to train with us to join our growing team of distinguished 1st class Harmony educators around the world. Because everyone deserves a little Harmony in their life...

Foundation Educator training schedule for 2013/2014

US Trainings
July 18-21, 2013
November 7-10, 2013

Master Educator Training
Los Angeles: January 2014

International Trainings
Cyprus/Middle East: Fall 2013
Spain: October 2013
Scandinavia: Fall/Winter 2013
Russia: Fall/Winter 2013
USA: January 2014
Spring 2014
Asia: 2014
UK: May 2014
Italy: Summer 2014

For a list of confirmed dates and
locations please email

We Want You To Join Our Family!

Bored sitting behind your nail table?

Looking to stretch your repertoire of nail applications?

Love to travel?

Then this is the place for you!

Join the Harmony team and share your knowledge as an educator with the leading gel-polish manufacturer in the world.

Please email your résumé and pictures of work to maeling@nailharmony.com
or for international contact