Fall 2013

Under Her Spell

Fall in lust again and again

BY APRIL JONES      Photo by Ted Emmons

The direction/concept for this campaign was inspired by the eclectic assortment of textures and fabrics that were prevalent on the runway this season, combined with a woman's power of femininity and sensuality. Lace, leather, and embellishments played a major component in not only influencing the color palette selection and nail artistry, but finalizing the overall wardrobe direction.

The various hues handcrafted for fall 2013 intermix rich and regal shades with creamier dainty hues for a multifaceted yet complementary color range. From the seductive A Touch Of Sass (jeweled black cherry); to sensual I'm No Stranger To Love (rich navy-teal); to alluring Love Me Like A Vamp (jeweled black violet); to intoxicating Want To Cuddle? (smokey dark taupe); to captivating Lust At First Sight (creamy greyish mauve); to graceful My Nightly Craving (creamy greyish pink lavender), the colors perfectly paint the picture of the art of seduction.

Texture and embellishments in nail art were essential to this collection. An intricate lace design was meticulously applied to accent fingers on both hands, and nails were perfectly shaped into subtle talons to complete the perfect manicure.

Under her Spell 12pc display