Fall 2013


  • Seductive Lace
  • Exotic Furs
  • Embellished Dress
  • Plush Glamour

What’s in Style


The inspiration for our seasonal color collections is derived from fashion trends presented on the runways during Fashion Week. The reoccurring themes most prevalent for fall/winter 2013-2014 are texture and contrast, as shown through eclectic fabric and pattern combinations such as embellished ensembles, exotic furs with leather trimming, and plush velvet and lace. Top runway trends included Seductive Lace (intricate crochet and delicate lace appliqu&etilde;s), Embellished Dress (decorations and adornments), Chill-out Metallic (evening dresses and tops in shimmering metallic colors), Plush Glamour (luxurious dresses, romantic tops, and streetwise pants in luscious velvet), Pastel Temptation (ultra-feminine and chic soft shades of pink and blue) and Bejeweled (glitter and glamour with jewel and gemstone embellished shoes and bags).

The color palette of the season is as expressive and diverse as the garbs featured in the various designers’ collections. The intoxicating color combinations evoke emotions ranging from nostalgic reflection and delightful amusement, to overtly seductive. The prominent hues for the season include: MULTIFACTED EMERALD - lively, radiant, lush green, Linden Green - yellow-toned green, Mykonos Blue - meditative blue, exotic Açaí - dark purple, spirited Samba - dramatic red, Koi - decorative orange, Vivacious - wildly deep fuschia, Deep Lichen Green - naturally lush green, Turbulence - dark mercurial gray, and Carafe - glamorous brown.

Bejeweled Texture and Appliques