Winter 2015


Vu Nguyen Joins Nail Alliance

Vu Nguyen Joins Nail Alliance

Conversation With: Vu Nguyen

continuing a stellar and very colorful career as artist, top competitor, and educator, Vu Nguyen has joined Nail Alliance to oversee international education and contribute to product research and development. He reveals his vision for the future and how he plans to make nail art accessible to all nail techs.

NS: What do you bring to the nail industry that is both unique and valuable?
VN: I have a diverse background in the arts — from fine art airbrushing and painting to tattooing. As a teacher, I am able to break down the steps of a difficult design so that anyone can learn new skills they can use immediately.

NS: You are attracted to the unusual and outrageous. Do you have any ideas for Gelish that challenge the traditional?
VS: I plan to create exciting new approaches to working with Gelish's amazing shade range and push boundaries with our out-of-the-box textural effects. I will be assisting the research and development side by creating new ways to use the products and chronicle our product testing so that each approach is documented, duplicable and relevant to real salon situations.

NS: How do the vision and products at Gelish mesh with your own nail design philosophy?
VN: The company was founded by nail techs, for nail techs. The owners are o accomplished nail techs, so they understand what working nail techs want and need. I am very excited to have great mentors to work with. It will be an incredible learning experience.

NS: How do you unwind after a long day's work?
VN: I pour my favorite drink and get into a little video gaming, or spend time with my beautiful fiancée!

NS: What would be on your music playlist as a backdrop for designing nails?
VN: I love classic rock. Some Guns N' Roses or Bon Jovi does it for me. My music preferences are definitely influenced by my tattoo life!