Winter 2015


Give Winter a Kick in the Sass!

Give Winter a Kick in the Sass!

Warm It Up With Brilliant Color!

warm up under gloves or boots this winter with vivid color! The Gelish and Morgan Taylor Kung Fu Panda 3 Collection includes playful purples (Extra Plum Sauce and Po-riwinkle), bold berries (Warriors Don't Wine and Kung Fu-chsia) and toasty red and pink (Tigress Knows Best and It's Gonna Be Mei) — the perfect accessories to winter's best looks.

What to wear with that colorful mani or pedi — Winter wraps include capes and coats, ponchos and puffers, shearling jackets and sweater dressing. From turtlenecks to tweeds, winter florals to black-and-winter-white knits, fur accents (faux, please) to very Victorian velvet and ruffles, winter fashion is rich in texture and style.

Whether braving another East Coast deep freeze or just getting a little bit cozier in LA, you can keep out the chill while still looking on trend.

Color your winter fabulous!