Winter 2015


Find Your STYLE,

it's not just nail color that defines style. Shape is an important factor in defining your look and fitting your lifestyle. Identify your style below, and then see what nail shape is best for you.


Your style icons are Katherine Hepburn and Maria Sharapova. You keep running shoes in your car and can usually be seen sporting a cute job bra and leggings or the latest track suit. You prefer to keep things simple: wash-and-go hairstyle, moisturizer and lip gloss, and easy-to-maintain nails.

Your nail shape: ROUND
The round shape is low maintenance and creates a softer, more natural look because the shape mirrors the natural contours of the nail.

How to File:File the sidewalls straight out, and then round out the edges into a nice curved shape. The finished round nail should be slightly tapered and extend just past the tip of the finger.


Your style icons are Lauren Bacall and Halle Berry. You never just "buy" clothing; you invest in timeless pieces that work well together and will last for years. You love a polished classic hairstyle, Ralph Lauren, and French manicures.

Your nail shape: SQUARE OR SQUOVAL
The square nail is the staple shape for a French manicure and is great for longer, narrower nail beds, but can be difficult to pull off when the nail bed tends to be shorter and wider. The squoval— with the length of a square nail but the softer edges of an oval — is a beautiful compromise. Squoval nails add versatility, enabling short, wide nail beds to carry the length without appearing oversized.

How to File: To file into the classic square, shape the free edge and side walls first. File the sidewall straight up and then change the angle to blend. Repeat on the other side. Use angles to lightly feather and bevel the nail and to sharpen corners. For squoval, begin with the square. Once the sidewalls are straight, tilt the file underneath the corners and file back and forth to take the corners off.

Hippie Chick

Your style icons Marianne Faithfull and Vanessa Hudgens. You love to wake up to green tea, yoga, and incense. You prefer Boho-chic clothing made from natural fabrics like organic cotton and hemp, and your nails reflect your laid-back lifestyle.

Your nail shape: OVAL
The oval shape is an attractive and versatile nail shape for most women's hands. It can work on long nail beds and short ones as well, and it can add length to a nail while retaining the softer curves of the round shape.

How to File: Begin by filing from the side of the nail toward the top, using smooth, arching motions with the file. From there, work the angles on both sides and around the free edge. The finished oval should have a nice balance between the cuticle shape and the free edge.

Glamour Gal/Femme Fatale

Your style icons are Marilyn Monroe and Sofia Vergara. Your look is soft and sensual. You love retro, pinup-style clothing, and you can wear bright red lipstick and sexy form-fitting dresses with confidence.

Almond nails create a long, lean, feminine look, and work especially well for women with thicker fingers. Ballerina/Coffin Nails are a softer version of the extremely pointed stiletto shape, but easier to wear and maintain.

How to File: To file the almond shape, find the center the nail at the tip. File toward center of the nail at an angle from both corners, to create a soft point. Make sure angles are the same on both sides. Blend edges with a finer grit. To file the Ballerina/Coffin shape, start with a square. File each corner down, starting where the free edge begins. File straight across the tip so it is blunt on the top.


Your style icons are Nicki Minaj and Pink. You are adventurous with fashion and you love to be at the center of what's happening right now. New York, Paris, and Milan are your dream destinations, and you've been known to start your own trends.

Your nail shape: STILETTO, LIPSTICK
Stilettos can make hands and nail beds look long and lean; and create an extreme statement on an already long nail bed. Lipstick nails are a variation on stilettos and a fun shape to try for something different and attention grabbing.

How to File: To file the stiletto, come straight out from the sidewall, making sure to file in straight lines, and file tip to an extreme point. To file lipstick nails, file straight out from sidewall, and then file a slant/triangle at the tip.