Spring 2016


How Do You

almost every woman has a favorite flower. Whether she's the send-me-three-dozen roses type or a wildflowers-in-a-mason-jar kind of girl, she loves how her favorite flowers make her feel. Because spring 2016 seems to be all about the florals, let's take a look at some of the most popular flowers and what they say about those who love them. We'll even do a bit of gilding the lily — recommending the nail colors we think would be perfect for each "petal personality."


The timeless bloom often sent by the dozen in a long white florist box, roses are the favorite of so many women because of their lush, velvety petals and beautiful fragrance. Red roses represent passionate love, and the woman who favors them has classic style. What better nail color for her than a true red crème, in shades of ruby, crimson, or cherry. Inspiration: Grace Kelly

gerbera daisies

If pop art had a flower, it would be the gerbera daisy. In bold crayon shades including hot pink, vivid orange, sunny yellow, and poppy red, gerberas stand out wherever they are and can't help but put a smile on your face. Appropriately, they represent cheerfulness — and the woman who favors them is joyful and creative. Her nail color recommendations are as bright as her flowers — brilliant pink and orange, sky blue and pistachio. Inspiration: Drew Barrymore


Layers and layers of silky ruffles — that's what a peony looks like. Adored by girly-girls, peonies are most often seen in a rainbow of pink shades, ranging from palest blush to brilliant lipstick-pink. The perfect nail colors for the woman who loves these blossoms are romantic shades of true pink, berry, and mauve. Inspiration: Taylor Swift


A rare combination of delicate and exotic, the purple orchid has come to symbolize royalty and admiration, while the white bloom represents dignity and elegance. The woman who admires orchids is a lover of luxurious simplicity — think cashmere, suede, and sleek lines. Her ideal lacquer shades are rich nudes — from shades of pink-beige to taupe to caramel. Inspiration: Donna Karan


Dahlias are big and beautifully bold, symbolizing long-term commitment and happiness. In shades of dark red, deep purple, and black, they are strikingly dramatic in a "film noir" kind of way, appealing to a woman who is confident in her style and her power. The nail shades that appeal to dahlia darlings are vampy shades of black-red, darkest sapphire, and deepest charcoal metallic. Inspiration: Lauren Bacall


Lush ivory in color with a fragrance romantic enough to make you swoon, gardenias have long been the flower of choice for southern belles, no matter where they are from. Gardenias traditionally symbolize secret love. The women who un-secretly love them are romantic and unapologetically feminine — with an amazing inner strength and determination. What nail colors to offer these steel magnolias? Shades of rose, peach, and violet. Inspiration: Reese Witherspoon