Spring 2016


Morgan Taylor Master Technique

Morgan Taylor Master Technique


Apply a thin coat of All White Now making sure to cap the free edge. Apply a second coat for full coverage.


Using Rose-y Cheeks and a nail art brush, paint a flower on the nail plate.


Before the flower dries, apply small amount of Make It Last top coat on the edge of the flower, using an oval brush. Gently tap and blend Make It Last top coat on the flower to make it look like a watercolor design.


Using Don?t Pansy Around paint an additional flower onto the nail plate. Repeat the top coat blending process mentioned in the previous step.


Apply Warm Up the Car-nation on the middle of flowers. Blend with top coat again.


Using All White Now, add small dots and thin lines on the flowers with a mini striper brush. Apply gold foil around the flowers. For a high-shine long-lasting manicure, apply a coat of Make It Last top coat.