Spring 2016



What does it mean to me?

to me, essential means something that you absolutely need. Oxygen is essential to survive. Water is essential for plants to grow. Quality products are essential for nail technicians to maintain their businesses. Why, you ask, am I thinking so deeply on the meaning of one word? Because?

This year Morgan Taylor is launching a full range of prep, finishing and removal products that will help you provide the perfect manicure. When we were naming this line, the idea of these products being essential really stuck with me. As someone who has spent countless hours in the salon performing services, I have learned through trial and error what it takes to create the best salon manicure. That knowledge was applied directly to this new line of products, which I came to call Morgan Taylor Essentials. As with Gelish® and Morgan Taylor®, quality products that make the life of the nail technician easier were my main concerns. Through hard work and dedication from our entire team we have managed to bring those two things together. I cannot wait for you to be able to bring this line into your salon and make Morgan Taylor even more a part of your world.


Color Blooms This Season

spring was in the air for this season's Botanical Awakenings shoot. The team spent a blissful Sunday at the botanical gardens, basking in warm sunshine and being inspired by the heady scent of roses, peonies, and lilacs wafting on gentle breezes. Softly strumming a guitar, our model showed off long, almond-shaped nails, which were painted in various hues in the collection's fresh, floral palette and accented with 3-D botanical nail art. Her flowing boho dresses and cowboy boots, soft makeup, and loose, wavy tresses woven with sweet blossoms captured the essence of this season's colorful, nature-inspired nail looks.