Summer 2016


Street Chic

Visit four of the coolest U.S. cities to see how street style has become an integral part of the scenery.

style is shared across the world, and the streets are where creativity, culture, and background can be expressed simply through what people are wearing. In the U.S. we have great style from coast to coast, yet each city is distinct. Join us on a trip through some of the best.

San Francisco,

Modern yet quirky, artistic yet technological, and urban yet surrounded by nature. This city's style is all about comfort, sustainability, and effortlessness. Drawing influences from its hippie population from the '60s and its current high-tech ventures, San Francisco style often mixes color and patterns with clean lines and modern shapes.


Deemed the "Live Music Capital of the World," Austin, is a funky, artsy city, home to some of the most creative. Austin has always been unconventional, maintaining its laid-back vibe, which shows in its street style. Expect to see bohemian patterns, natural colors, and vintage pieces. The street style is bold and heavily inspired by the artistic and musical population, always "keeping Austin weird."

New York,
New York

Living in a premiere fashion capital of the world, New Yorkers must have style. The key is sporting a lot of black while still keeping outfits interesting and dynamic. New Yorkers sport trends before any other place in the world. No matter the occasion, the style savvy have the accessories, brands, and designs of the moment, and each with their own impeccable style.


Boston may be America's oldest city, but it's one of the most modern as well. This smart city, attracts the world's finest minds that also bring the best style — a style that is "sophisticated fun." Boston brims with casual sophistication and whimsy, creating the most interesting outfits. It's all about mixing classic with funky and layers, layers, layers. Boston is proof that being stylish is just plain smart.

Street Chic