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TSA Tips

TSA Tips

Customize your kit to make air travel a breeze.

mysterious white powder? Strong-smelling acetone? And don't get us started on that e-file. Learn how to navigate through airport security with all your vital nail tech supplies.

What is allowed on board? The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) will allow small amounts of nail polish, nail polish remover, and aerosols in carry-on baggage so long as they are capped and fit within a quart-size sealable plastic bag. When it comes to implements, anything sharp outside of nail scissors would be suspect, so it's best to not carry them. UV and LED lamps are sometimes allowed onboard, depending on where you're departing from. Check with your specific airline and/or airport before your flight.
"Bubble wrap everything," advises Winnie Huang, this year's NTNA winner and owner of The Rawr Shop in Vancouver, British Columbia. "Bring the least amount of monomer you can, because it tends to leak no matter how well you pack it." Huang purchased various size containers to keep her products snug and immobile.

Are there limits on quantities? For carry-on, containers must be 3.5 oz. or smaller. Since most nail polish bottles are less than one ounce, they're fine. Fit everything you can into a quart-size sealable plastic bag and you're good to go.

Where can I find more information on TSA rules? There's a wealth of knowledge online from government resources such as www.tsa.gov and www.faa.gov including charts and QR codes. The TSA also has a blog (blog.tsa.gov) that answers questions and gives examples. One of the content feeders for the blog are questions tweeted to the administration (@TSA). Following the TSA on Twitter and staying in touch via social media is another helpful and up-to-date option.

TSA Tips