Spring 2017


The Rose Knows

The Rose Knows

You won't be able to hide your love for nail art because the rose always knows.

The Rose Knows


After prepping your nails, apply a thin coat of STICK WITH IT base coat. Apply a thin coat of DAYS IN THE SUN to the entire nail making sure to cap the free edge. Apply a second coat for full coverage.


Apply one coat of ENCHANTED PATINA to the entire nail.


Using BE OUR GUEST and a Mini Striper Brush, create the shape of a rose in the center of the nail.


With GASTON AND ON AND ON and a Mini Striper Brush, paint two small leaves on the side of the rose.


Using PLUMETTE WITH EXCITEMENT and POTTS OF TEA, create square and pentagon shapes around the rose. Continue creating additional square and pentagon shapes using Days In The Sun.


With the Mini Striper Brush and LITTLE BLACK DRESS, outline the rose petals and leaves. Using Little Black Dress and the Mini Striper Brush, outline the square and pentagon shapes. Apply a coat of NEED FOR SPEED top coat.