Summer 2017


summer is here

and the time for selfies is now. That is why I am excited to introduce our new summer collection Selfie! Summer is my favorite season for visiting new places and making new memories, and what's better than capturing those memories with pictures. This is what inspired me to think of selfie as a theme for our Gelish and Morgan Taylor summer collection. The more people I spoke to, the more certain I became about the idea selfies are the universal way we share what matters to us across the globe. We all may speak different languages, but who really needs words when a picture is worth a thousand of them!

In the same vein of making memories, a very big launch is coming that is going to change the way the industry views nail enhancements. Like Gelish, this product, known as PolyGel™, is very near and dear to my heart and has been a labor of love to create. This summer it will begin rolling out to distributors around the world and I could not be more excited for nail technicians everywhere to get their hands on it. For now, I'll leave you with this little hint about the product...

It's as ease as

Squeeze, Slice and Roll



yourself with the styles and colors that let you shine - and the trends that are hot, hot, hot. A must-have? Selfie Summer from Gelish and Morgan Taylor - six shades so vibrant they were born for summer days and nights. It's okay to be selfie-ish when the choices are this good - so find your faves and strike a pose.

From raspberry to peony, sunshine to citrus, bright pinks and yellows are the shades to crave. Summer sugar.
Nail color: Pretty as a Pink-ture

Slogan tees speak volumes about your style. Word up.
Nail color: Me, Myself-ie, And I

See-through layers in dresses, skirts, and peek-a-boo tops see you through the season. Fiercely feminine.
Nail color: All About The Pout

All-over florals in full bloom - with piles of petaled patterns cascading from tip to toe. Flower fever.
Nail color: Woke Up This Way

Brights stripe it rich, from beachwear to city suiting. Get linear.
Nail color: No Filter Needed

aBRA cadaBRA
Pretty and playful, summer's bra tops flirt with floaty skirts, sexy shorts. Fresh fun.
Nail color: Best Face Forward