Spring 2014


Spring is in the Air

Spring Is In the Air

Re-create this inspired and stunning look by Hand & Nail Harmony Master Educator Nataliia Baranovska using Reflections of Harmony Colored Acrylics and acrylic paint. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination be your guide.

BY Natalia Baranovska
Natalia Baranovska Hand & Nail Harmony - Master Educator at Nail Harmony Ukraine


Shape the nail using a 240/240 Thin Wooden File. Push back cuticle and remove the shine from the nail plate and remove any non-living tissue. Remove the shine from the nail plate using the 180-grit side of the Harmony 100/180-grit buffer. Apply Nail Surface Cleanse to a lint-free nail wipe to remove any dust. Place Harmony Perfetto Nail Forms and apply pH Bond to remove any excess moisture from the nail plate and Pro Bond to ensure proper adhesion of the acrylic to the natural nail plate.


Create the elongated almond/stiletto-like nail with Renew Pink Powder. Remove nail forms and pinch the C-curve into the nail.


With a very thin layer of Sodium colored acrylic (from the Elements Reflections of Harmony Collection) to create a flat tear-like element as shown on the photo. Repeat this step with the Nitrogen color from the collection.


Cap the nails with True Clear Powder to build your arch location and bring strength to your acrylic nail. Once the acrylic has polymerized, file and buff the nail with Harmony 150/150,180/180 files and 100/180 buffer. Buffing is essential to remove all demarcations left from the coarse files. Remove dust with a manicure brush.


With Gelish colors Arctic Freeze and After Dark, complete the hand-painted design. Use a small painting brush to draw the lines with Gelish and remember to cure before changing from color to color. When done, cure for 30 seconds in a Gelish 18G LED Light.


To seal, apply a thin coat of Top It Off to both nails, making sure to cap the free edge. Cure in the Gelish 18G LED Light for 30 seconds. Apply Nail Surface Cleanse to remove the tacky surface. To finish, massage Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil into skin surrounding the nail plate.