Spring 2014


Gelish Wipe It Off

Wipe On, Wipe Off

Made of 100% soft absorbent cotton, these lint-free nail wipes provide exceptional performance for all professional services. Ideal for removing nail lacquer, gel residue and for cleaning acrylic nail art brushes, Gelish Wipe It Off Lint-Free Nail Wipes are completely sanitary and textured for speedy, superior removal.

Gelish Trends

Sprinkle A Little Stardust

Gelish Introduces Spring Trends

Like the perfect accessory, Gelish Trends completes looks with striking glitter and multi-faceted finishes. Just in time for spring, Gelish introduces 4 brand new Trends - make a statement with a non-conventional look with just a touch of glitz and glam. Customize your look by layering Trends above a Gelish color, or simply wear Trends alone. The final look is yours to imagine and create!

Gelish Pro Kit

Gelish Pro Kit

ERGONOMIC, SPACE SAVING & BUDGET-FRIENDLY! With all of the essentials to create a perfect Gelish manicure, the Gelish PRO Kit is designed specifically for hairdressers and hairstylists looking to get into Gelish nails or manicurists on a budget. Save time and money with this kit, which features the brand new Gelish LED 5-45 Curing Light and full sizes of all your favorite Gelish necessities. Offer your clients the best in the professional nail industry with the Gelish PRO Kit.

Gelish 18 G Replacement Tray

Sanitize Between Clients

The Gelish 18G Replacement Tray provides maximum efficiency while maintaining the professional quality expected from Gelish. Acetone resistant and magnetized for sanitation purposes between clients, the Gelish 18G Replacement Tray is quick and easy to replace because we understand that cleanliness is a priority. Additionally, the light-reflecting finish on the tray allows for maximum exposure, while the finger-stopper guides the hand for proper placement and a flawless finish, every time.

Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward

Morgan Taylor Makes a Splash at New York Fashion Week

After launching a professional lacquer line in May 2013, Morgan Taylor made its debut at New York Fashion Week for the Spring 2014 collections, teaming up with 14 designers, including Carolina Herrera, Zac Posen and Thakoon. "Fall was all about bold, glossy, and highly pigmented colors, but for Spring 2014 nail trends are moving more towards subdued pastels," according to Morgan Taylor celebrity nail pro Gina Edwards. That doesn't mean artful embellishments and textural details have gone the way of the Walkman, though. "The nail forecast is still going to be edged with graphic manicures," Morgan Taylor Creative Director Alesia Lanzo confirms, ensuring that there'll be something for everyone-and every finger.

Fashion Forward New York