Season of Enchantment


This Fall, Mesmerize with color!

fall is the season for fresh new beginnings, and this fall's enchanting color palette is a beautiful way to start. Think sophisticated - autumn 2014 is all about muted chocolate, charcoal and black; and lusciously ripe shades of cranberry and merlot.

The Gelish Get ColorFall and Morgan Taylor Enchantment collections bring autumn's allure to fingertips, creating nails that enchant. Rich wines and berries, cool grey-kissed blues and greens, romantic blush and nude tones, and chocolate shimmer and pearl create an aura of soft sophistication that enhances runway looks perfectly.

From all-out feminine cashmere knits, plush coats and touches of sheer chiffon, to mannish tweeds, plaids and pin-striped tailoring, to whimsically luxe textures, sparkling flourishes and metallic shimmer - fall fashion has something to inspire every woman, in colors meant to mesmerize. Feel the enchantment!