Winter 2014


Dear Gelish

We Offer Expert Advice About Nail Art, Layering Color
and More!

Q: When doing a Gelish application do you put free hand nail art under or over the Top It Off?
A. Depending on the medium being used, nail art can be applied many ways. If you're using Gelish polish, loose glitter, or transfer foil then it is best to apply the design before the Top It Off finish. If you're using a sticker, striping tape, watercolor or water-based acrylic paint then the method is slightly different. In those cases, it is best to apply your Top It Off, cure, buff and then apply your art. After you have laid down the nail art, you would then seal with a second application of Top It Off.

Q: If applying a coat of white under pale or pastel colors really makes the color pop, what color would you recommend applying under dark colors?
A: Unlike some lighter shades, dark colors have pigments that generally do not benefit from having a base color underneath. If you want to add extra pop of excitement to your dark hue you can find a glitter in similar shade and apply a coat (or two) underneath. This simple trick will add extra depth to the shade and a beautiful shimmer to your manicure.

Q: Can you apply polish over the Gelish Nail Strengthener VitaGel?
A: Absolutely! VitaGel is well-known for its nail strengthening benefits, but it can also act as a super extended wear base coat for your nail lacquer. After applying VitaGel, and cleansing to seal, you can jump straight into your nail lacquer application. The best part is that with VitaGel as your base coat, you'll get a 10-day chip free, gorgeous lacquer manicure.

Q: Why do the instructions say cure 30 seconds but the timer on the light goes for 45 seconds on LED lights?
A: As the Gelish line has grown, we have created several different LED lights to meet the various needs of our clients. The most commonly used Gelish light is the 18G LED light, which has a cure time of 5 seconds for Foundation and 30 seconds for color. The cure times for the 5-45 LED light and Pro45 LED light are slightly different. Always make sure you read the directions that come with your specific light to ensure that you are curing for the correct amount of time.