Winter 2014


Masquerade Jewels

Masquerade Jewels

For a manicure filled with mystery and charm this season, use Morgan Taylor's Midnight Masquerade collection and colorful crystals for an alluring nail design.



Apply one coat of Stick With It base coat to the nail surface and around the edge of the free edge of the natural nail. Apply a coat of Vixen in a Mask to the nail surface making sure to cover the end of the free edge. Apply a second coat of Vixen in a Mask for full coverage.


Apply a round jewelry shape from the center of the nail to the free edge using Flirting with the Phantom. Apply Jest-er Kidding on top of the Flirting with the Phantom shape.


Using the small side of the Harmony TA02 marbling tool, etch a "C" shape on the right side and a backwards facing one on the left side through to the Vixen in a Mask layer.


Using the large side of the Harmony TA05 tool and My Kind of Ball Gown, create an oval shape in the center of the jewelry shape.
Apply one coat of Make It Last top coat over the entire nail surface and cap the free edge of the nail.


Apply small dots of ProHesion Secure Nail Adhesive on the outside perimeter of the jewelry shape. Using a wax pencil, apply the Crystal SS3 Swarovski crystals to those dots. Next apply Secure Nail Adhesive to the top of the rounded shape and to either side, apply light turquoise SS7 Swarovski crystals to those dots. Apply Secure Nail Adhesive to the center of the My Kind of Ball Gown oval and apply the Indian Pink SS14 Swarovski crystal to the dot.


Allow your nails time to dry and enjoy your finished nail art look.