Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer
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Swatching shows us the gorgeous color up close
and personal. These nail techs make the colors they
swatch look so magical.
24 January, 2023

Swatchers do us all a great service. They show us shades of lacquer in a new light so that we can get a feel for the colors and application; and above all else, they leave us inspired. Here are a few swatchers we've got our eye on. Follow them for more tips and beautiful nail pics.

Super clean videos featuring a shade and the end result make this account a non-stop watch. See for yourself:
Brandi's usage of natural light is chef's kiss. See what we mean:
Not only does she take amazing nail pics, but she also creates some pretty impressive nail art too! Watch her swatch:
There isn't much this swatcher by day/architect by night can't do. And check out his genius custom ring that eliminates the need for a watermark! Watch Abe work:
Vibrant nail designs and gorgeous color close-ups have us captivated with this account. Watch this:
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