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Skin Care
Head To Toe
Winter is harsh on everyone!
The cold is especially hard on your skin. These
head-to-toe skincare tips are what you need to keep
your skinny happy and healthy.
02 December, 2022

An increase in colder temperatures can put us all in the holiday spirit, but the back and forth between cold air outside and indoor heat can wreak havoc on skin. Filaggrin, one of the most important proteins in our skin for maintaining natural moisturizing factors, decreases during the winter. This coupled with low humidity and the dehydration that can result from partying and the busyness of this season can lead to dry, problematic skin. Here are some ways you and your clients can combat the season and save your skin.

  1. Use hydrating facial cleansers
    Look for gentle, hydrating, fragrance-free cleansers for daily cleansing and to remove makeup.
    Hydrating Facial
  2. Avoid harsh scrubs and scented products
    Loofahs, bath mitts, and harsh scrubs can cause eczema flare ups.
  3. Apply lip balm
    Always have a tube on hand, and yes, it should still contain SPF, even if the sun isn't out as much. Stock up on lip balm for a hot salon retail item clients will be sure to buy.
    Lip Blam
  4. Moisturize All Over
    Skip the lighter lotions and opt for thicker creams for arms, body, and legs during colder months. Because you wash your hands more frequently this time of year (hello, flu season!) reapplying lotion here is a must.
    Bare Luxury HandGlam Life Lotion
  5. Cuticle Care
    Another retail must is cuticle oil. Like lip balm, you and your clients should carry it everywhere and reapply as often as needed to give your hands some much needed extra care.
    MT Essentials Remedy
  6. Heal Heels
    Sure, clients aren't wearing open-toed shoes as much, but keeping feet moisturized through the winter can prevent cracked heels. Offer specials on manicures and pedicures that include moisturizing masques and body butter for head-to-toe skin renewal during winter months.
    MT Energy Butter
Dust Collector
Rubber Base Hand Glam

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