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The winter salon slump is real, but don’t let post-holiday blues get in the way of your business’ success.

Use these retail and service promotions to revive your clients and staff throughout the winter months. In the midst of the holiday rush, many nail technicians and salon owners have their eye on the prize: January, when everything finally slows down. But be careful of what you wish for. The colder weather can deter clients from frequenting the salon as much as they normally do, and pedicures are often put off until spring. But with a well-thought-out strategy, you can keep your salon bustling even during the traditionally slower winter season..


Winter Packages

The cold and dry winter air can take a toll on the skin. Offer nail and skincare packages that include moisturizing treatments, like hydrating masks, for hands and feet. Or consider offering a Winter Nail Recovery package. While we all know that nails don’t need to or actually “breathe,” sometimes clients still feel that their nails need a break from enhancements in winter. Instead of trying to convince them otherwise, capitalize on that desire by creating a nail package that’s all about caring for the natural nail. Add some take-home retail items (think: Morgan Taylor Daily Elixir or Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil) and everyone’s happy!

Lavender & Sage packette Step 1-4 BareLuxury Lavender & Sage 4 Pack 51316
Daily Elixir DailyElixir 3313000
Remedy Cuticle Oil Remedy Cuticle Oil 51018
Nourish Cuticle Oil Nourish Cuticle Oil 1140000
Vital VitaGel 01152

Seasonal Discounts

Run winter-specific discounts to reward your regular customers as well as to entice new ones. Offer special rates on certain days or times that are often slow, like “Winter Wednesdays” or “Snowy Sunday Specials.” Or consider staying open later to cater to small parties and offer a seasonal discount for reserving the space.

two brown holiday envelopes

Gift Certificates and Retail Sets

Just because most of the gift-giving is behind us come January doesn’t mean that you should slow your roll selling gift certificates and nailcare sets. Make sure they’re promoted and displayed in the front of your salon, and ensure the area looks beautiful and appealing. Don’t forget to market them on your social media channels as well.

green and white envelope of voucher
Soft Gel Basix Kit Soft Gel Basix Kit 1224002
Daily Elixir Ombre Coat Intro Kit 1632003

Loyalty Program

Implement a loyalty program where clients earn points for each visit that can, in turn, be redeemed for discounts on retail items or free service add-ons in subsequent visits. This not only incentivizes repeat business, but it also creates a sense of community and appreciation among your clients.


Seasonal Collaborations

Work together with other local businesses to create combined packages or seasonal events. For example, offer a Winter Escape package that includes your seasonal nail service as well as a massage or facial from a local, partnering spa. Or work with local businesses to create a Winter Wonderland event. For example, offer mini nail services and sales on retail items, and allow the neighborhood businesses to offer their wares in your salon. Create a fun and lively environment — complete with music, small snacks and drinks —at a time of the year when everyone can use a mood boost!

two wine cup cheering
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