1. How do you feel about hot weather?

a.  Love it! The hotter, the better

b.  It’s OK in moderation

c.  Call me Goldilocks; I need the temps to be just right

d.  Cooler climates all the way

e.  I don’t mind either way

2. What type of activities do you enjoy most?

a.  Relaxing on the beach

b.  Exploring nature and going on hikes

c.  Sightseeing and experiencing new cultures

d.  Lying by the pool, reading a book

e.  Seeking solitude in remote or natural settings

3. How do you prefer to spend your evenings?

a.  Watching the sunset with a drink in hand

b.  Sitting around a campfire

c.  Going out to eat at a great restaurant

d.  Attending a concert or show

e.  Playing card games and late-night talks

4. What scenery appeals to you the most?

a.  Palm trees, white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters

b.  Majestic mountains and forests

c.  Historic architecture and bustling streets

d.  Luxe hotels complete with beautiful views from the top floor

e.  Nothing but a lake, boats, and nature

5. How important is relaxation to you during vacation?

a.  Essential; I need plenty of time to unwind and recharge

b.  Important, but I also enjoy being active

c.  It’s nice to relax, but I get antsy if I don’t have an itinerary

d.  I find peace among the hustle and bustle; too much quiet makes me anxious

e.  Very important, as long as I’m relaxing with friends


Mostly As

Your ultimate getaway is a tropical paradise! You love hot weather, relaxing on the beach, and enjoying the beauty of palm trees and crystal-clear waters.

Your Best Nail Color: Got Some Altitude

Picture of a lady with pink nail Got Some Altitude
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Mostly Bs

Your ideal vacation is spent in the great outdoors! You enjoy exploring nature and seeking solitude in remote settings, whether that’s hiking, mountain climbing, or camping.

Your Best Nail Color: Flying Out Loud

Picture of a lady with dirty lime cream nail
Gelish bottle of Flying Out Loud Flying Out Loud 1110532 3110532

Mostly Cs

Your like to spend your summer vacation exploring new places! Whether you’re flying to Europe or traveling through the U.S., you love experiencing new cultures, blending in with the locals, and trying new cuisine.

Your Best Nail Color: Up, Up, and Amaze

Picture of a lady with light cream creme nail
Gelish bottle of Up, Up, And Amaze Up, Up, And Amaze 1110534 3110534

Mostly Ds

Your best summer destination is spent being pampered at a hotel and lying by the pool! Whether it’s a staycation in your own city or visiting another metropolis, you thrive in a vibrant urban environment where you can indulge in fine dining and entertainment without really going anywhere.

Your Best Nail Color: Got Carried Away

Picture of a lady with purple cream nail
Gelish bottle of Got Carried Away Got Carried Away 1110529 1110529

Mostly Es

You’re a lake lover! You seek the peace and tranquility of nature as long as it includes days on a boat and evenings on the porch spending quality time with friends and family.

Your Best Nail Color: Soaring Above It All

Picture of a lady with bold blue creme nail
Gelish bottle of Soaring Above It All Soaring Above It All 1110530 3110530