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Gelish Simple Sheer Soak-Off Gel Polish, 0.5 oz.


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Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish

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Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish

Give Some Lip
Try out these five on-trend lip colors for spring, plus tips for how to wear them.

Spring is the season to refresh your look, and there’s no easier (and fun!) way to do that than through vibrant and fresh lip color. From playful pinks to retro browns to classic reds, mastering the art of wearing different lip colors, textures and tones can elevate your spring style effortlessly. Here, Taylor Daniel of Morgan Taylor offers her best tips for incorporating these on-trend hues to your makeup routine.

Look #1: Red

Spotted on Paris runways at Schiaparelli and Chloe, as well as at Alice + Olivia at New York Fashion Week, classic red lips are making an appearance this spring. And while the cherry hue is often worn in winter and through the holidays, the spring update is making it bright and glossy.

Taylor’s Tip: Swatch hues to find the right shade for you: If your skin tone pulls warm, go with a yellow-tone red; if it leans more cool, then opt for a blue-based shade. Glossy red tends to bleed, so make sure you start by lining your lips first.

red broken lipstick
Gelish bottle of BAD TO THE BOW Scandalous 1110144

Look #2: ’90s Brown

The TikTok latte makeup trend isn’t going anywhere for spring. In fact, it’s borrowing from the ’90s girl retro vibe with a statement mocha liner and lighter brown lip. The look harkens back to celebs from the ’90s like Naomi Campbell, Drew Barrymore and Cindy Crawford.

Taylor’s Tip: Opt for a neutral brown for the lipstick, and line your lips with a pencil one to two shades darker than that. Look for lipstick with a velvety finish to keep the look fresh and earthy for spring.

brown broken lipstick
Gelish bottle of BAD TO THE BOW Want To Cuddle? 1110921

Look #3: Rosy Pink

There’s no escaping it: Pink is the perennial color for spring. The perfect pink pout was found on many New York Fashion Week runways for Spring 2024, including LoveShackFancy. But as opposed to seasons past, it’s a much softer, more ethereal look, thanks to the ultra-feminine and balletcore trends that are sticking around.

Taylor’s Tip: Focus the color on the center of the lips. Then use a finger or small makeup sponge to blend it out for a softly blurred effect.

broken rosy pink lipstick
Gelish bottle of BAD TO THE BOW Rose-y Cheeks 1110322

Look #4: Deep Berry

While spring is typically the time to put away your darker-tone lip colors, this season you might want to keep them handy. Berry lipsticks took center stage at Max Mara during Milan Fashion Week, where the moody hue somehow paired beautifully with the soft shades of spring.

Taylor’s Tip: To keep this berry lip current, use a matte lipstick shade and diffuse it around the edges with a lip brush or your finger for a more casual, lived-in feel. And to give it the ultimate “grunge princess” vibe, use a cool brown lip liner underneath.

deep berry lipstick swatch
Gelish bottle of BAD TO THE BOW Black Cherry Berry 1110867

Look #5: Two-Tone Nude

The “sunset lip” was another Spring 2024 runway must, and it’s super easy and fun to wear. The trend simply pairs two slightly different shades of lip color, one worn on the top lip and the other on the bottom. At Ulla Johnson, makeup artist Romy Soleimani used a warm terracotta on the top lip and soft peach on the bottom.

Taylor’s Tip: You can create this look with any two shades, from bold to nude, but this spring’s softness is begging for a more neutral matte look that brings out the natural colors in your cheeks. Keep the tones and undertones of the two colors consistent for a more seamless, monochromatic look.

teo-tome lipstick swatch
Gelish bottle of BAD TO THE BOW Sunrise & The City 1110875
Gelish bottle of BAD TO THE BOW Forever Beauty 1110813
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