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Happy Anniversary, Gelish!
In honor of 15 years in business, we’re taking a look back at some of our most notable milestones.

Gelish marks its remarkable 15-year milestone in the beauty industry, and it’s a testament to the company’s innovation, quality, and enduring style. Since its inception, Gelish has revolutionized the way we approach nail care, becoming synonymous with cutting-edge techniques and trendsetting designs. As this trailblazing brand celebrates its journey, we not only reflect on our rich history, but also look ahead to the boundless possibilities that lie in the future of nail art and care.


Gelish launches its Soak-Off Gel Polish, complete with a patented window on the bottle revealing the true color inside.

Gelish Original Bottle

Gelish releases its 6G LED Light, marking the beginning of an industry-wide conversion from UV to LED light-curing bulbs.

Gelish LED Light


A focus on nail health continues with the launch of VitaGel, a light-cured base that imparts strength to the natural nail.

Gelish VitaGel


Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish is named Best Soak-Off Gel Polish by NAILPRO Readers’ Choice Awards.

Gelish Readers’ Choice Awards


ProHesion launches, making waves among acrylic users with its Cross Link Technology that imparts strength and durability, while maintaining bubble-free and self-leveling application.

Gelish ProHesion


Gelish wins a third NAILPRO Readers Choice Award for Best Soak-Off Gel Polish, after back-to-back wins in 2013 and 2014.

Gelish NAILPRO Readers Choice Award


Once again Gelish stuns the nail industry with the launch of PolyGel brand, offering the best of both gel and acrylic in one revolutionary system. Later that year, PolyGel brand is awarded Best New Product by NAILPRO, Beauty Launchpad, Nails Magazine and PROesthetic.

Gelish PolyGel


Creating highly pigmented and detailed nail art with one stroke becomes a breeze thanks to the launch of Art Form Gels.

Gelish Art Form Gel


PolyGel Brand is named #1 Favorite Gel Acrylic Hybrid by Nails Magazine Readers Choice Awards.

Gelish Readers Choice Awards


Yet another industry innovation, Soft Gel launches, allowing pros to create long, strong nails practically instantly — no mix ratios or extra filing required!

Gelish Soft Gel

Gelish is awarded Favorite Gel Polish by Beauty Launchpad for SEVEN years straight!

Gelish Beauty Launchpad Award


Gelish takes the nail art world by storm with the launch of three new products that make creating art super easy: Chrome Stix, Blooming Gel and Ombre Coat. Plus, Foundation Flex launches, creating a plump, ultra-light and flexible base for nail perfection.

Gelish Chrome Stix Gelish Blooming Gel Gelish Ombre Coat Gelish Foundation Flex


Go File 2.0 launches with more features geared toward the nail professional.

Gelish IQ Go File


Brush-On Builder Gel launches, making it easier than ever to create a flexible and durable nail enhancement perfect for showcasing Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish.

Gelish Brush On Builder

Marie Claire awards Blooming Gel with a Game Changer Award.

Gelish Marie Claire awards
Gelish Blooming Gel


No rest for the weary: Gelish continues to make advances in products for nail pros with the launches of Foil Gel, No Spill Refills, Soft Gel Neutral Nail Tips and our Portable On The Go E-file, proving that nail innovation knows no bounds!

Gelish E-file On The Go
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