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The key to getting long-wearing nail extensions quickly and easily isn’t just in the Soft Gel Tips; it’s the adhesive that keeps tips intact — and our new Soft Gel Tip Adhesive Tube is going to change everything you know!

Why do we love Soft Gel Tips? Let us count the ways. … After all, this state-of-the-art product allows us to create perfectly shaped, long nails in an instant. And after the years of struggling with acrylics and plastic tips, these are the ultimate nail game-changer. Of course, there’s still a bit of a learning curve when it comes to application: getting the right amount of adhesive on the tip and applying it to the nail at the right angle, just to name a few. And while some are quite comfortable with a brush-in-bottle applicator, for many it can be a bit of a struggle. Enter: the new Gelish Soft Gel Tip Adhesive Tube. It’s the next game-changer in Soft Gels! And here we give you five reasons why you’re going to love using this new product.

1. Application is super easy

Getting the right amount of adhesive on the nail tip (particularly on the tiny ones) can be a bit tricky when using a brush-on applicator. But having adhesive in a tube really allows you to control exactly how much product is applied. No more flooding the cuticles!

2. There’s less chance of contamination

Imagine this: After applying adhesive to the Soft Gel Tip, you absentmindedly put the brush back in the bottle. But you miss, and the brush falls on the table and the bottle tips over. Hello, contamination. Even without a mishap, dust and debris are easily attracted to a brush, and that can affect the adhesive when you place it in the bottle. With a tube applicator, there’s no risk!

3. You can use all of the product

With a bottle, it’s really difficult to get all of the product out of it, especially when you get close to the end. But just like with a tube of toothpaste, you can manipulate the tube to squeeze out most, if not all, of the product, giving you the most bang for your buck.

4. It has a longer shelf life

Fact: An airtight container will keep product lasting longer. And with the small opening to the tube, it prevents moisture and dust from entering, giving your adhesive a longer shelf life.

5. No more spills

Refer back to the casualty in #2. An open bottle is always at risk for spillage. But with a tube, there’s no chance of accidentally knocking over your bottle and wasting product.

And there you have it. Our Top 5 reasons why the Soft Gel Tip Adhesive Tube is going to change the way you apply your Soft Gel Tips. Ready to get started? We know you are!

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